Butterfly - iPod Docking Station

PROJECT: "Butterfly" iPod Docking Station CLIENT: Coby INDUSTRY: Consumer Electronics SERVICE: Product Design, Product Realization, Design Systems, Physical Design, Design for Manufacturing. COMPLETED: 2008

The goal was to create a unique and premium desktop docking systems for iPods that will have elements of new style with concept statement “Sound Freedom”. The emphasis was on a design that has perfect combination of sound, light, form and function.
The concept “Butterfly” inspired by nature form of butterfly. It reveals a uniquely passionate form with perfect combination of sound, light, form and function. With the curvaceous character line rising and falling from center to both ends and all around the form, it expresses harmony, rhythm, and freedom. It’s distinctive at every angle. The wing part has illumination light feature that responds in time to music is a unique that users may enjoy.
3D Animation
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